[speex-dev] JSPEEX ?

Andre Borrelly andre at myavalaunch.com
Sat Mar 20 13:30:53 PST 2004


I downloaded Ulrich's TestClient and have not been able to connect to the
default server.  I will try to modify and get to work locally(local echo).

I wanted to test my SpeexDecoder as no matter what I try I alwasy get an
java.io.StreamCorruptedException: Invalid sideband mode encountered. (2nd
sideband): 7

Please note that the Invalid sideband modes differ per file but the end
result is always the same - I cannot decod any speex files.

I've tried Ogg Speex/Wave Speex encoded by
jspeex-v0.9.2_R1.12/speexenc/speexACM-v1.0.1.1 at 8/16/22/32/44 kHz

I've spent countless hours before actually asking for help.  Do you have
any hints on how to solve this problem I downloaded the latest source code
from jpeex.sourceforge.net.

I have attached the sourcecode.

Thanks for your help

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