[speex-dev] SPEEX_GET_QUALITY not working?

Chris Silverberg chris at silverberg.net
Tue Mar 30 22:31:50 PST 2004

Hello everyone,

I'm finally beginning to use Speex for a project.  As expected, the 
implementation so far has been very easy and I am thrilled with the 
capabilities and flexibility of Speex, especially the new features in 
1.1.  My efforts so far have resulted in a couple of questions:

1) I was interested in fetching the default quality setting for 
        speex_encoder_ctl(_encodeState, SPEEX_GET_QUALITY, &value);

Unfortunately, the above fails with libspeex 1.1.4.  The console shows:

        warning: Unknown nb_ctl request:  5

There was a report of this issue back in September with a reply 
indicating that this was fixed, but I'm still seeing the problem as of 
this version.  Not a big deal, I'm going to set the quality to a value 
anyway, just thought I'd report the issue.

2) Let's say I wish to encode some data.  Speex can tell me the 
uncompressed frame size (for narrowband, 160 * sizeof(short)), but what 
about the size of the compressed data?  If I'm not using VBR, I assume 
that size is going to be constant, yes?  But is there a way for Speex 
to tell me what that value is before I begin encoding?

thanks much,

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