[speex-dev] Trouble putting VAD ON in Windows

Abhishek Parakh abhishekp at ee.iitm.ac.in
Tue Apr 27 00:14:27 PDT 2004

I have been trying to develop a dll for speex-1.1.4. But I am having problem 
putting in the VAD feature. It seems that speex has put a very low threshold 
for VAD activation. Even a blank audio file in windows contains int values 
almost all greater than 10.

And VAD comes on only when the input buffer has values less than 3 for 
wideband. Therefore any recorded file/input from mike never activates VAD in 
windows. what can I do to overcome this difficulty?

One possible solution seems like dividing all the values in input buffer by a 
suitable integer (this comes out to be atleast 190, found by trial n error). 
This lowers even the required speech too much in volume, hence not a very 
useful option. 

Other alternative seems to set a threshold for division as well. If the input 
buffer value is smaller than some threshold then divide else leave it as it 
is. This again seems to be a trial n error method for deciding the threshold. 

Hence, what other setting can be changed? Everything works fine in Linux but 
windows gives problem. what can be done?

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