[speex-dev] Speex DLL wrapper looking.

Pierluigi Pentimalli pierluigi.pentimalli at reicom.it
Fri Apr 23 07:51:37 PDT 2004

Dear Sirs,
I'm looking for the DLL version of Speex, to study very quickly the possible
integration of this
interesting voice oriented CODEC into our application.

We develop, mainly, in Delphi. We use C++ only to develop firmware for our
RF transcievers.

I saw on the Speex.org website that there is a Delphi program\porting, but
this dll is missing there.

Can you help me about this? It will be very usefull to check quikly this

Thank you.
Best Regards.

Pierluigi Pentimalli
Technical Manager

A member of the European Low Power Radio Association.
Società di progettazione di impianti di trasmissione dati,
reti wireless multiservizio per applicazioni industriali e civili.
Piazzale Castagnara, 17
35010 - Cadoneghe (PD) - Italy
Tel: +39.049.8881511
Fax: +39.049.8784266

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