[speex-dev] Some simple questions

James H. Cloos Jr. cloos at jhcloos.com
Sat Sep 20 12:50:25 PDT 2003

>>>>> "John" == John Haugeland <JohnH at senscom.com> writes:

John> Thanks for the response, Jim, you told me most of what I needed
John> to know.

>> For very tight bandwidth applications speex is probably better,
>> if you have the cpu.

John> Is there sort of a rule of thumb for how much gumption a chip
John> needs, in order to pull this off?
John> For that matter, is there such a rule of thumb for iLBC?

Jean-Marc's reply covered what speex needs; for iLBC I can only say
that I think I recall that it takes less than g729a, and the latter
is supported on the zaurus (200MHz strongarm)....

Once converted to fixed I'm sure speex will be fine on strong arm
and intel's newer stuff based on that (pxa?).  It might even work
on the arm940 (12MHz); if so that chip should be enough for an IP
phone with 711/rgl/ilbc/gsm/speex support.  I would love to see a
802.11 phone like that, complete with a tiny price. :)


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