[speex-dev] testenc and snr calculation

Mark Borgerding mark at borgerding.net
Mon Sep 1 19:15:14 PDT 2003

I submitted a version of testenc.c to this list MONTHS ago that fixed this
problem. It uses a reconfigurable group delay.  If you had given me cvs
access I could've committed the changes myself.

Anyway, the file is attached (again).  Maybe this time you'll actually
notice the email.

Sorry if I seem a little short.  It's just very annoying to put the time
into learning and improving a new project -- only to have your
contributions ignored.

<p>> Actually, the SNR calculation in testenc has been broken for a while.
> The reason for taking the last frame was that the codec would introduce
> a one-frame latency. I changed that to half a frame (10 ms) a while ago
> and never updated testenc.
> 	Jean-Marc
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