[speex-dev] FYI: ACM codecs in Netmeeting

Christian Buchner Christian.Buchner1 at epost.de
Fri Jun 20 00:12:50 PDT 2003

If you want to use the Speex ACM codec in Netmeeting, you need to register
the codec with Netmeeting. Microsoft offers an API to accomplish this


The function is called AddACMFormat in the IInstallAudioCodecs COM
It takes a fully initialized WAVEFORMATEX structure as well as an extra
AUDCAP_INFO structure as arguments. This WAVEFORMATEX structure can be
obtained by querying the ACM codec for its supported modes.

If you are familiar with COM programming under Windows, this is a task that
will not take very long to do (could be done in a single day). Just
instantiate a Netmeeting COM object, query for the IInstallAudioCodecs
interface and call into named function.

Some code samples are in the Netmeeting SDK, available from Microsoft. I
have used it before to programmatically access ILS servers. I could have
spammed all ILS servers with useless records, if I had wanted to ;)

It would be nice to have a utility (with GUI), allowing to add and remove
any ACM codec into Netmeeting. Imagine using Fraunhofer's MP3 in there. ;)


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