[speex-dev] Official GUI Speex player

Tyler Knott vault-responce at charter.net
Wed Jun 18 17:00:44 PDT 2003

>> There is a lot of complexity associated with it, though. Even if
>> you elect to just have a command-line player, there's still the audio
>> interface to deal with.
>> Not impossible, just careful coding.
> A good example of something like this working is Audacity(a 
> free/open-source audio editor about 1 level below many professional 
> tools w/ built-in Vorbis de/encoding and FLAC support coming 
> soon(audacity.sf.net)).  It works on Win32, *nix, and MacOS X 
> systems(they also have a MacOS 9 version avalible but its a little 
> dated).  I believe they used wxWindows for the GUI but I'm not really 
> sure about anything else.  I'm not a programmer, just a guy with an idea.

And like I said before: they don't necesarily have to use the same code 
if they have interfaces that are as similar as possible.  They'd all do 
the same thing just in slightly different ways(which for a program this 
size wouldn't get too much in the way of keeping things up-to-date) and 
the use wouldn't notice it because the interface would be almost the 
same(he/she'd attribute any differences to a difference is OSes)

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