[speex-dev] Speex 1.0.1 is out

Christian Buchner Christian.Buchner1 at epost.de
Thu Jun 5 02:01:15 PDT 2003

> I just released Speex version 1.0.1 with a major bugfix to the wideband
> mode. It's highly recommended for people using wideband Speex to
> upgrade. 


I am happy to announce that my ACM codec is nearing completion.
Encoding works in NB / WB / UWB modes at 11 quality levels in
both Mono and Stereo and 8 or 16 bit input resolution. So far
I've put 3 straight evenings/nights of work into it (despite a day
job). ;)

Also I now have a command line speexdec version that decodes
WAV files with Speex content. I am not yet sure if it would be
wise to merge that with Jean Marc's speexdec. We shall see.

I could provide a beta release the ACM codec today already...
if only... well if only the decoding was implemented at this time.
LOL. ;)

Also I haven't decided on a final wFormatTag of the codec.
Since I plan to author more than just this one ACM codec, I may
simply "invent" my own Manufacturer ID and my own series of FormatTags
( somewhat above the range that Microsoft has assigned to avoid
conflicts ). I doubt M$ would bother to assign a manufacturer ID
to a hobbyist programmer via the offical contact address/phone #.

Also on my list of are FLAC and Vorbis ACM filters. I seem to
be getting "the hang of it". I may buy some commercial hosting and
put all that stuff up on a site like www.openacm.org .

I am pretty astounded by the quality that you can get for musical
content in UWB mode (level 4). That's around 15 kbit/s netto. Most
commercial streaming codecs sound much worse at that rate.

hmm, 2 AM. Off to bed.


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