[speex-dev] Official GUI Speex player

Jeff Stoner jstoner at blackboard.com
Wed Jun 18 09:25:33 PDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 12:05, Tyler Knott wrote:
> One thing that is keeping Speex from being adopted is a lack of GUI 
> players.  I think that Speex could benefit from an offial cross-platform 
> GUI player.  The goal of the player should be to be stable, to the 
> point(no fluff like visualisations, playlists, an equaliser, etc.), self 
> contained(no external .DLLs, etc), and to be small(500k or less) so that 
> people with modems don't have to wait long for it to download.  I made a 
> mockup using Visual Basic and MS-Paint(attached PNG).  It is missing a 
> few things like preferences, volume control, and an exit button and it 
> could use some better graphics for the control buttons but would work if 
> it could actually play files.

I don't think a player is what is required as much as hooks into existing
applications/players. There's an older plug-in for XMMS (is it being
maintained??) and Christian released a Windows codec so you can use speex
in the WAVE container.

What were you planning on developing it with? I'm actually in the process
of encoding several conference CDs with 1.0.1 and will volunteer my
services/desktops to help test it.

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