[speex-dev] Speex ACM codec released on www.openacm.org

Christian Buchner Christian.Buchner1 at epost.de
Tue Jun 10 01:51:46 PDT 2003

I am glad to announce the BETA release of the Speex ACM codec.
It is based on the Speex 1.0.1 codec release.

An ACM codec enables Windows to create and play back WAVE files
containing Speex content. It might also be useful for use with
Netmeeting (after some registry hacking. Not tested yet.).

I also provide a portable playback tool (speexdec_wav) that
handles both the Ogg and WAVE containers.

Get the codec on www.openacm.org . Source code is available.

It has plenty of features for a first release and I am confident
that this release will not require too many bugfixes.

However it has undergone only limited testing on my Windows XP
system here. What I would like to figure out (among other things)

 * Does it run on Windows 95/98/ME too?
 * Is it compatible with the applications you use?
 * Do all features work as advertised?

This beta release is compiled with Visual C++ .NET (2002) Standard
Edition. That means there is no code optimization. The final build
will likely be built on VS.NET 2003 with all optimizations enabled
(which should make it encode and decode faster).


Discuss features, bugs and issues here. Thanks.

If not critical bugs are found, I will start working on the "innards"
of Speex and try to integerize the whole codec (much like Vorbis
Tremor), except that I need to do both encoder and decoder. The goal
is to release a PocketPC version too. And most PocketPCs have no
floating point support.

With regards,

  Christian Buchner

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