[opus] Compromise between bitrate, quality and latency

Linteau, Alexandre alexandre.linteau.1 at etsmtl.net
Fri Dec 28 21:51:34 UTC 2018

How does the compromise between bitrate, latency and quality work out?

Assuming a capacity to deliver a high bitrate, is it possible to achieve
EXACTLY the same level of quality at 5 ms as with 20 ms latency? If so,
what would be the resulting bitrate?

How can I work out the relation between those 3 parameters?

I am currently working on an application where lowest latency is necessary,
while keeping the highest level of quality. Streaming HD audio (at least
audio quality), with a quality almost like uncompressed, but at lowest
latency possible. Bitrate is not a big concern (as long as under 500 kbps).
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