[opus] Opus hiding lower volume instrument

Lucas Clemente Vella lvella at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 20:53:40 UTC 2017

When experimenting with Opus encoder, I took a random FLAC file, encoded
it, heard it, and heard the original file. When hearing the opus encoded
file, I thought it was a flute solo, but when I heard the original, I
nearly fell off my chain when I noticed the piano I couldn't hear from the
Opus in the first time. Now I know there is a piano, I can hear it in the
Opus file, but it is much harder to notice than the original file.

I believe this is some kind of bug, because the piano is discernible from
both Vorbis and MP3 encodes at similar bitrates (around 140 kb/s, which
should be transparent for my not-so-good hearing in any encoding). What is
best way for me to send the files so you can check for yourselves?

Lucas Clemente Vella
lvella at gmail.com
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