[opus] 24 bits samples

Kazem Baadpie Baadpie at basamadco.com
Wed Jun 24 05:43:36 PDT 2015

It pretty works for 16 bits samples but not for 24 bits samples.
In fact, I am going to implement opus on ADSP-21489 (DSP processor from 
Analog Devices), I compiled "celt directory" from opus 1.1
and used "opus_custom_demo.c". It hasn't any problem with 16 bits samples 
but when I use 24 bits samples , there is no output audio.
opus_decoder will still generate 16 bits samples and these output samples 
are saturated  . I use following function for 16 / 24 bit depth :

opus_custom_encoder_ctl(enc, OPUS_SET_LSB_DEPTH(16/24));

How can I solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot

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Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
> Opus itself supports 24-bit audio and can handle all of the dynamic
> range (and then some). I *think* the opusenc command-line tool can
> handle 24-bit wav files, but I could be wrong (if not it's something
> that needs to be added).

It can (little-endian only).

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