[opus] libopusfile win32 dll (MSVC)

r webby radiowebmasters at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 07:52:39 PST 2014


Been playing with libopusfile today. Ideally would like an MSVC dll rather
than a static lib, but I can't see dllexports hidiing in an #ifdef anywhere.

Am I just being stupid, or....?

BTW that static lib is working nicely in vs2010 and up for streaming radio,
though it was a real pain to have to piddle about compiling openssl on

I want to write a streaming URL source filter for DIrectshow, and I have
the baseclasses already built for VS2005, and some handy already-tested
code where I could just "plug in" the libopusfile code.

Hence I want to use the 2010 dll dynamically linked to a vs2005 Directshow
build, as I understand building DS for 2010 is a royal pain with Windows
SDK required, etc etc and I can't be doing with all that. Sadly the source
doesnt compile in anything other than 2010!

So, do i need to #define dllimport/export those libopusfile functions
myself? I could swear Ive seen a mingw dynamic library version, and Im
pretty sure mingw also requires a .def file and the #defines, so Im
guessing I've just missed something here.
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