[opus] Enable custom modes (Visual C++ Express)

Alexander Carôt Alexander_Carot at gmx.net
Sat Feb 15 14:42:22 PST 2014

>On 15/02/14 05:11 PM, Alexander Carôt wrote:
>> for numerous reasons I am now trying to build Opus with Windows / Visual
>> C++ Express.
>I'm sorry to hear that ;-)

You're the man ;-)

>> So far I have been using Linux/OSX/MinGW only. The normal
>> Opus build works out fine but I wonder how I can enable the
>> Opus-custom-mode with Visual C++ Express. Can anyone help ?
>Normally, it should just be a matter of adding
>to the Windows config.h file.

Ha ! I just forgot the "S" and typed CUSTOM_MODE -- well, that should be

Thanks a lot,


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