[Icecast] Sporadic Issues

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Wed Feb 27 15:44:09 UTC 2013

El 27/02/2013 16:12, "José Luis Artuch" <artuch at speedy.com.ar> escribió:
> > We usually use 80kbps, but sometimes we have used 64kbps (e.g. when
> > sourcing from a cellular network).
> >
> > With music you can get the difference, but with voice there's no need
> > to use more bitrate unless you want more quality in the audio itself.
> >
> We use analog mixers where we enter the different audio sources and only
> one stereo audio output goes to the source client Ices2 through the line
> input of the computer where de Ices2 is located.
> Thus, the bitrate is fixed, is the same for all signals.

We use ZaraStudio for broadcasting to the main server. It's usually
emitting music.

When we want a live broadcast, we make another temporary mount point where
we send our program. Then, Zara is programmed to pick that mount (as a
listener) and relays the live event to the main server.

Of course we use mixers in the studio and outside, (we broadcast soccer
matches) but use extra stream/mount in between, so we don't have to
disconnect ZaraStudio from the main server. (At the expense of some more

Oh, and we use butt (butt.sf.net) as source client at the studio and
outdoor. (It's so simple!)


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