[Icecast] Shoutcast compatibility and inconsistancies

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Mon Mar 28 04:48:48 UTC 2005

At 11:43 AM 3/27/2005, you wrote:
>I happened to need the shoutcast compatibility today and used it for the 
>first time.  Apart from reminding me of my earlier suggestion regarding 
>this which would allow more than one shoutcast compatible port (see thread 
>starting at 
>http://lists.xiph.org/pipermail/icecast/2004-December/008120.html), I 
>discovered some inconsistant behaviour.

the problem with running multiple shoutcast compatible ports within the 
same icecast server is all metadata related, and due to the fact that the 
Shoutcast DSP is "mountpoint-ignorant".  The best thing we could do is to 
keep track of which port the actual metadata request came in on, and match 
it up to the mountpoint associated with that port.  Currently, this is not 
implemented, but probably could do it if enough people really start asking 
for it.  Of course, the CORRECT answer would be to use Oddcast, and then 
you don't ever have to worry about Shoutcast compatibility. :)

>I notice that the shoutcast port wants the global source password, 
>regardless of the mount it is associated with.
>[2005-03-27  16:13:09] EROR connection/_handle_shoutcast_compatible 
>Invalid source password
>I expected that it would allow me to specify a password in the related 
><mount> section and use that instead.  This would make it consistant with 
>other server operations and also be consistant with Oddsock's comments in 
>Needing the global source is a security risk of sorts as it allows anyone 
>who has it to create any mounts they want, and I would rather not have to 
>give it out to anyone.  Tying the mountpoint more closely with the port 
>(as in my other proposal) may make this easier to implement.

this seems like a bug.  It should be checking for any mount specific option 
as well as checking against the mount-specific password... File a bug at 
trac.xiph.org if that is the case, and we will eventually fix it..


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