[Icecast] icecast2.2 and aac?

Dennis Heerema Dennis at Heerema.net
Thu Dec 30 10:01:27 UTC 2004

ICecast i capable of sorts of streams, that is not your problem.

Your stream source client (DSP) is the part who must be capable of streaming the format you want.

For AAC use oddcast DSP www.oddsock.org capabale of AAC, LAME Mp3, and OGG (Free to use) very good at OGG specially with the vorbis 1.1 aoTuVb3 DLLs

For AAC Plus (HE_AAC) use Orban opticodec for PC (witch is capable of every bitrate you want, even dolby up to 48 Channels i believe) and the orvan LE codec witch is limited to 32 Kbps 32 khz, but cheaper. (www.orban.com) sounds great uses SBR like in mp3Pro

there is shoutcast (www.shoutcast.com) only capable of streaming MP3 format, but really good at this (free to use).

The guys of shoutcast made als nsvtools (look at the video stream  forums at winamp.com) witch is capable of streaming video, but also audio only ans is capable of streaming AAC (with a dolby codec) (free to use and very beta)

There is http://www.spacialaudio.com/ witch have a complete DJ package SAM and a winamp plug-in capable of streaming MP3pro, OGG, WMA, LAME MP3 and MP3 (no freeware)

All of them are windows capable and a lot of them support other platforms like BSD and other Linux variants too.

I probably forgot a lot more, specially the streamclints for one type of platform only, maybe somebody els can give more info on the clients for linux platform versions only.



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  At 00:21 2004-12-29, qiang Bao wrote:

        it seems that icecast 2.2 can only stream aac at 128kbps!
        mp3 and ogg are ok at all bitrates.
        is it a bug or my config wrong?

        I mean that icecast stream aac at constant bitrate which is 128.    128kbps  32KHz

        it can stream at 32KHz 44.1KHz 48Khz,i know that.

        I want to know how to make it stream at other bitrates?

        and which source support HE-AAC?

        Thank you for your work
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