[Vorbis] Poor programming support

Oscar Sundbom oscar.sundbom at swipnet.se
Wed Dec 10 16:15:55 PST 2008

Interesting, I've found the exact opposite to be true.
A few years back I was writing a multiformat audio player and getting 
Vorbis from a reasonably arbitrary source (network stream, file, etc.)
and decoding using vorbisfile was heaps more straightforward than what I 
had to trudge through to get libmad to do the same (mainly because
all the red tape was already done for me by vorbisfile).

It's apparently quite a bit of work when you need more fine-grained 
control and have to start tearing apart the innards of it, but for a 
simple desktop music player it was a breeze. :)

Oscar (also a very experienced programmer ;))

levein skrev:
> Ogg format is great, but the programming support is so awful! After 
> three days, I still haven't managed to add a simple playback function 
> to my software. I know I can make it with a couple of more days, but 
> it isn't really worth it. BTW, I'm an very experienced programmer.
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