[Vorbis] storage format question.

Christopher Harrington webkid at webkid.com
Wed Jul 27 11:05:09 PDT 2005

I'm not a developer,but I'm pretty sure I can answer your questions.

Shashank Khanvilkar wrote:
> 1. How are vorbis encoded files stored on disk? For example, in case of 
> mp3, the file consists of multiple frames (having some fixed header). As 
> a result even cutting some part of the mp3 file will still allow a user 
> to listen to the remaining part. Does vorbis have similar operation and 
> if yes, where can get information on the type of headers that are attached.
Vorbis files can be cut, using a utility that has been referenced on 
this mailing list before. Searching will probably help you out. As for a 
straight binary split on some arbitrary point, I imagine Vorbis wouldn't 
like that very much.

> 2. I think the ogg container format is used to stream vorbis encoded 
> media. Is ogg format even used to store vorbis files?
Yes. It is actually not possible (nor sensible) to store Vorbis audio on 
disk without the Ogg container format. That's why it's called Ogg Vorbis.

> 3. ANy specific links that will help me get the ogg container format?
That depends on what you mean by "get" the format. If you want the 
source code, libogg will probably help. That's here:
If you're looking for some sort of walkthrough, try here:

-Chris Harrington

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