[Vorbis] storage format question.

Shashank Khanvilkar shashank at mia.ece.uic.edu
Wed Jul 27 15:44:03 PDT 2005

Thanks for the reply,
I have added some more info for future reference based on some more 
> Vorbis files can be cut, using a utility that has been referenced on 
> this mailing list before. Searching will probably help you out. As for a 
> straight binary split on some arbitrary point, I imagine Vorbis wouldn't 
> like that very much.
I read some documents on the ogg bitstream format (RFC3533) and it 
appears that one cannot simply do a hex-edit and randomly cut the 
The ogg bitstream contains a Beg_of_Stream (bos) page at the begining of 
every stream, which has important info on how to decode the stream.
If one removes this page, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to 
play an ogg file (containing vorbis encoded data in this case).

>> 2. I think the ogg container format is used to stream vorbis encoded 
>> media. Is ogg format even used to store vorbis files?
> Yes. It is actually not possible (nor sensible) to store Vorbis audio on 
Actually, I think it is not required to store vorbis encoded bitstrean 
in ogg containers. One can just store it as is, but one will have to 
make a seperate decoder for that..
Please correct me if this is wrong.

> disk without the Ogg container format. That's why it's called Ogg Vorbis.
The term "Ogg Vorbis" just happens to be a good combination for 
describing two different things. Ogg is a completely independeny 
container format (that can carry any bit stream) and vorbis is just an 
example of an encoder that happens to use Ogg.

>> 3. ANy specific links that will help me get the ogg container format?
The best reference, that describes the ogg bitstream format in detail 
is rfc3533.

> If you're looking for some sort of walkthrough, try here:
> http://www.google.com

> -Chris Harrington
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