[Vorbis] Size of Windows ogg.dll and vorbis.dll

Greg Rezansoff grezansoff at ipdevco.com
Mon Sep 27 08:26:52 PDT 2004


   On the Windows platform, I would like to compile a version of the codec files ogg.dll, vorbis.dll, and vorbisfile.dll that are small. I notice that the provided Windows projects are very large...the release Vorbis.dll is > 1 mb.  To me, that is huge.

I am only using decoding features.

I looked in the Zinf project, and they seem to have a version with the encoding functions removed...where is the source for this?  Do I have to create a separate project that takes these out.
I don't get why it isn't included, or where it can be found or what was done.

(As well, is there a decent sample of hooking DirectSound to the Vorbis? For example, how to translate the input values to a WaveFormatEX structure, etc...)

(As well, what is the purpose of the  Windows SDK project?  It seems kind of confusing.  There is no documentation on how it was compliled, with what debug, what settings...I don't trust it.  Its just kind of sitting out there...with documentation copied from libvorbis project)


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