[vorbis] OGG versus MPEGplus (MPP), also known as .mpc, .mp+ or MusePack?

gtgbr at gmx.net gtgbr at gmx.net
Tue Jun 17 06:55:58 PDT 2003

p-h-g wrote:
> how does OGG compare to MPEGplus (MPP), also known as .mpc,  .mp+ or
> MusePack?

Vorbis is free, mp+ is based on mp2 and thus encumbered by patents.
Currently (afaik), mp+ is better at very high bitrates than Vorbis, but
it lacks its versatility. mp+ is an exotic, possibly good for a few
audiophiles (or those who believe that they are), who can hear
differences between an original and a version encoded with Vorbis @ -q
8. I see it as a nice scientific experiment, about making a subband
codec as good as possible, no more and no less. There are hardly any
practical uses for it, however, not only because it's not free, but
because even MP3 (e.g. lame w/ --alt-preset) sounds good enough for most
people at ~128 kbps.

Obtw, this is totally off-topic. :P

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