[vorbis] Is this just anti-Ogg FUD?

Jem lists03 at pc9.org
Thu Dec 26 14:49:58 PST 2002

> Subsonics are not "audible", but they are certainly perceptible. You
> feel them in your chest, for one thing. Try, say, watching a movie like
> 'Top Gun' with an amplifier and speakers that handle subsonics well, and
> again with a system that doesn't -- it makes a big difference when the
> jets fly by. This isn't music, of course, but instruments like pipe
> organs, bass drums, and even contrabassoons have subsonic components
> that contribute to the "is it live or is it Memorex" difference between
> the original sound and what you hear from most audio systems.

Thanks for all the replies. For myself, any deficiencies in ogg in the 
subsonic is not a big deal -- at any decent party with a nice sound system 
the DJs are going to be spinning live off vinyl or audio CDs. Because, as 
someone else pointed out, if you really want to experience the full audio 
you don't compress it with something lossy in the first place :)

My real concern from what my friend wrote me was the bits about the 
patents. True, it does seem people have researched this extensively and 
found little or no risk - Winamp distributing with ogg, and now the BBC 
saying it's got the go-ahead to broadcast in ogg. That's good stuff.

Anyway, I love ogg -- it's incredible at low bitrates and I'm excited about 
the prospect of implementing it in hardware. I think it's going to be a lot 
of places pretty soon :)

I've been playing around with encoding tracks in it too. A bit OT, but:
(simply amazing what it sounds like at 32 kbps)

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