[vorbis] Is this just anti-Ogg FUD?

Craig Dickson crdic at pacbell.net
Thu Dec 26 14:19:27 PST 2002

gtgbr at gmx.net wrote:

> [...] he rants about
> subsonics getting lost, which, are not audible/easily masked by any
> other sounds anyways (and this has nothing to do with artifacts). A
> lossy/perceptual encoder can safely discard anything below 20Hz, so
> what's the problem? It should do that by design - throw away useless
> information.

Subsonics are not "audible", but they are certainly perceptible. You
feel them in your chest, for one thing. Try, say, watching a movie like
'Top Gun' with an amplifier and speakers that handle subsonics well, and
again with a system that doesn't -- it makes a big difference when the
jets fly by. This isn't music, of course, but instruments like pipe
organs, bass drums, and even contrabassoons have subsonic components
that contribute to the "is it live or is it Memorex" difference between
the original sound and what you hear from most audio systems.


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