[vorbis] Re: Re: fitting lots of music into 10GB with Vorbis

Martin Blackwell djdij at handbags.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Dec 30 13:57:25 PST 2002

> I don't really mean to be rude or anything, but VBR means Variable
> Bit-Rate.
I just woke up, so i am going to be rude.
read the bloody posts before you start talking:

>In theory,
>it would display the minimum number of tracks you could fit into the
>specified space, as it would be going by the nominal bitrate (since the
>average bitrate for tracks tend to fall below the nominal bitrate).

I'm not going from the average bitrate, i'm calculating from the nominal
bitrate, because, with bery little thought, i realised that VBR, yes,
"Variable Bit-Rate", is VARIABLE, and would therefore not have a CONSTANT
value because it isn't CONSTANT BIT RATE. And the only CONSTANT in VARIABLE
BIT RATE is the NOMINAL BIT RATE. get it now?

o if i make calculations from the NOMINAL bitrate, which is always KNOWN,
and not the VARIABLE bitrate since it would be very difficult to make it
known in JAVASCRIPT, as you would have to make some way for JAVASCRIPT to
read information from the VORBIS ENCODER so it would know how its VARIABLE
bitrate encoding works for a specific piece of audio, which would also
require loading said piece of audio through the THEORETICAL piece of
JAVASCRIPT VORBIS ENCODER, wasting a whole lot of time.

ince i have found that the AVERAGE bitrate is rarely ever higher than the
NOMINAL bitrate for files encoded with the VORBIS VARIABLE BIT RATE
encoding, i can allow the JAVASCRIPT to ASSUME that using the NOMINAL
bitrate will give ACCURATE results for the MAXIMUM amount of space a piece
of audio of SPECIFIED length will take up.

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