[vorbis] Re: Re: fitting lots of music into 10GB with Vorbis

HJ inzanekaoz at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 30 08:28:02 PST 2002

I don't really mean to be rude or anything, but VBR means Variable

Thus, it varies upon the content you encode.
You encode one song at -q4 and you maybe get 134kbps average 'cause
it's got a lot of treble.

You encode another song at -q4 that is synthesized and not all that
complex and you can wind up at 88kbps average.

I've seen both scenarios happen.

<p>With such a range of bitrates, is trying to estimate an avg. kbit
rating even worthwhile?  I don't believe, that it's possible to get
anywhere close to accurate above a 50% margin of error unless you
can gather hundreds of media files (at least one or two for
different genres), average-up THOSE at each -q rating, and then be
able to have a genre-select which will substitute proper
modifications into the equation.  Even this is error-prone,
time-consuming, and probably a lot more work than necessary. 

My case in point, it's very difficult to apply a single algorithm
when vastly different data can be fed through an encoder and get you
.. well, vastly different results.

However, I'd like to be proven wrong;  I just think it's too
data-set dependant.


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