[vorbis] Am I insane?

gtgbr at gmx.net gtgbr at gmx.net
Sun Dec 15 09:43:21 PST 2002

Martin Fontaine wrote:
> > Anything is an improvement over Xing ... well, except bladeenc maybe.
>         Yeah, now with CD'n'Go (A prog I got from the Vorbis Download page)
> I can encode them with Vorbis but I also use the Gogo.dll encoder
> with it to make comparaisons.  Actually, Gogo MP3s are not as bad as
> Xing MP3s...  Almost as good as Vorbis.

It depends on the encoder they use, and I don't know which one it is...
and of the ripping quality of this program, of course. I recommend CDex
from http://cdexos.sf.net/, unbloated and easy to use, it supports
encoding to Vorbis on-the-fly, and even if you must use MP3 for some
reason, it also supports LAME --alt-preset, which is the best MP3
thingie out there. Just set it to "Paranoia, Full" and you can rest
assured that the rip itself will be of great/best possible quality.

> > > to Ogg is also a believer!  He went from Xing VBR Highest Quality to
> > > Ogg q3 and he thinks it sounds better for about half the space!
> > By "went", you mean he deleted his MP3 files and ripped again from CD to
> > Vorbis @ -q 3, right?
>         Of course, in fact there's still about half his collection still in
> MP3 because he doesn't have the original CDs.

*Phew* :)

Often enough people just re-encode and believe this would "make it sound
better" - I have no idea where this relatively common misconception is
coming from.

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