[vorbis] Tag Recommendations: Addressed Concerns That Were Raised

David K. Gasaway dave at gasaway.org
Thu Apr 25 21:26:12 PDT 2002

On 26 Apr 2002 at 2:47, Segher Boessenkool wrote:

> I hope I was friendly, but I did object strongly.

Perhaps I wrongly associate *volume* of objection with *strength* of 
objection.  In the online world, that's all you have to go on, often.

> *I* am not going to rehash it.  You're welcome to discuss it with me in
> private (on irc).  *In private*.  People are getting annoyed by the
> amount of traffic.

No, not in private; this isn't a private issue.  It makes no sense to 
keep this to ourselves.  Why not use whatever bandwidth it takes to 
settle the issue?  It saves us trouble (and traffic) in the long run.

> That's for Xiph to decide, not for you, or me.

Xiph reads the list.  Anything posted to the list will help them make 
their decision.  That's what the lists are for.

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