[vorbis] Tag Recommendations: Addressed Concerns That Were Raised

Segher Boessenkool segher at chello.nl
Thu Apr 25 17:47:43 PDT 2002

David Gasaway wrote:
> Segher Boessenkool wrote:
> >
> > This was not the point of David's statement, nor of my reply.
> > I just plopped in some links to show that there indeed _has_ been
> > quite a lot of discussion/dissentment *before* all of this proposal
> > stuff started.
> I admit - I baited my statements - I apologize.  Yes, there has been
> discussion, and I was aware of it.  But there really wasn't *that much*
> discussion; no one seemed to object strongly.

I hope I was friendly, but I did object strongly.

> > I am not going to rehash all of this.  Thank you very much.
> It was never settled.  Therefore, it's not a rehashing.

*I* am not going to rehash it.  You're welcome to discuss it with me
in private (on irc).  *In private*.  People are getting annoyed by the
amount of traffic.

> > My opinion is, that if Xiph will make this proposal a "formal standard",
> > people will think that these are the tags they should use.  Limiting their
> > freedom.  I don't want that.
> Then let's add wording that makes this fact clear.  That isn't an excuse
> to "disown" the Proposal.

That's for Xiph to decide, not for you, or me.


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