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Karel P Kerezman greyduck at greyduck.net
Fri Apr 5 13:36:38 PST 2002

Just in case any enterprising souls out there feel up to the challenge
of determining play time and bitrate average for Ogg Vorbis files via
PHP, I send along this message from the programmer of the NetJuke
project. (http://netjuke.sourceforge.net)

Karel P Kerezman, IS Admin Entercom Portland
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Hey there,

This is to let you know that James, the developer of the getid3 library, 
is on a coding spree right now (3 versions in 3 days). So I'm going to 
wait until sunday to release b12.2, because any improvement he can bring 
is crucial to speeding up b12.

On a side note re: getid3: Here is an open invitation to anyone actually 
able to come up with some php code to calculate the play time and 
average bitrate of an ogg file. This would definitely help the netjuke 
and James out, as this is something the getid3 lib cannot d at this 
time. We've both looked into the source of the ogginfo tool, but we 
can't seem to make much sense out of it, to be fairly honest. Any CODE 
insight will be more than welcome. :o)

The other thing slowing b12 down, versus b11, is the switch to text 
columns, instead of varchar, for the location field of the track 
records. This was required to allow paths of virtually any length, but 
has the sad downside of slowing down the queries.
At this level, I'm working on optimizing the SQL for b13 (the next 
release which will require running the installer, versus the b12.x 
script-only updates).

Hoping the people with problems can still live with b12.1 in the 
meantime. We're not forgetting you guys. ;o)

Cheers, and have fun.


<p>< NAME="Stephane Daury" MAILTO="stephane at artekopia.org" 
HREF="http://netjuke.sourceforge.net/" >

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