[vorbis] Vorbis on Palm OS

Owen Emry Owen.Emry at corp.palm.com
Fri Apr 5 10:41:42 PST 2002

Hi there.  Apologies if this is off-topic -- I'll be happy to take this
offline with the right individual(s).

For those who don't know, the next generation Palm Powered devices will
feature ARM processors and a new digital sound playback API, so naturally
I'm working on a software Vorbis decoder app.

Given the (probable) lack of floating point hardware on these devices, I'm
interested in knowing how well the reference decoder is optimized for
integer math.  I'm not having any trouble porting the codec to PalmOS/ARM,
but I'm happy to admit that my math skills are nowhere near sufficient to
understand its inner workings.

My guess is that if floating point math is used extensively, and if I have
to emulate it all in software, there might not be enough horsepower for
real-time decoding.

Any input much appreciated!  (Would this be better suited to the vorbis-dev

Owen G. Emry
DTS Engineer
PalmSource, Inc.

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