[vorbis] Winamp support at last!

John Morton jwm at plain.co.nz
Sun Apr 28 18:07:16 PDT 2002

On Monday 29 April 2002 01:33, Erik Fuller wrote:
> > I think factors like a present lack of hardware players, and the fact
> > that it's not finished yet might be more important to mainstream uptake
> > than the presence of a few easy to hack together apps.
> >
> > John
> I'll have to disagree with you on that. Do you remember when Napster got
> popular? (what REALLY got this idea of downloadable music thing going) Back
> then, there were hardly any MP3 players on the market, but CD burners were
> booming. Actually, there are still more Discmans in circulation than
> portable MP3 players right now.

Must be a US thing. In NZ, gizmos tend to be more expensive, but PC hardware 
is fairly cheap (proximity to Taiwan and a big diy market probably make that 
so), so most people I know tend to have computers with lost of mp3s hooked up 
to stereos. CDs end up being just a transport between harddrives. 

> Being able to download Ogg Vorbis compressed music, play it and burn it
> without a hitch is VERY important for mainstream acceptance (and we want
> that, right?). I think after Ogg support in Winamp the next logical step
> would be to pressure Ahead Software to include support in Nero Burning Rom.

> Once I can give music to my friends, they can play it just by
> double-clicking on it and burn it just by dragging and dropping, I'll be
> happy :)

So petition the writers of the various song to CD converters to add a vorbis 
pluggin to their software. If it can come with winamp, out of the box, and is 
included in most of the other software players, then it's got to be a 
no-brainer for Ahead to add a decoder. 


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