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Sun Sep 9 13:46:56 PDT 2001

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> It's a known (at least to me:) problem of WinAmp - if you have many
> input plugins, only the first few are automatically recognised - in
> the Open dialog I have to select Ogg Vorbis to see ogg files, they
> don't apear on All supprted list (as many other formats don't).
> Similary, if I try to play streamed OGG file, MP3 decoder will try to
> get it....

Not exactly. There are 2 levels of format detection. First one is based on
calls to input plugins (in order they have been loaded); the first plugin
which claims to be able to play given URL is used. If no one of them does
so, regular (extension-based) detection is used. All vorbis stream URLs end
with .ogg so there is no need to add extra detection (or at least i thought
so). It turns out that some idiots assume every URL beginning with "http://"
to be an MPEG stream (default mp3 plugin doesn't do that); in this case
order of plugins doesn't matter (ogg streams are getting messed up whatever
you do). If one of those evil plugins is first on the list, it can do really
funny things (eg. trying to stream MIDI files as MPEG. geez.).
(UPDATE: I've added extra detection in v1.15c, will fix the problem in half
of cases, but I can't do anything more).

About OGG files not appearing under "All supported types" in
openfiledialog - it's a bug in Windows OS (stupid string length limit
somewhere; if there are too many extensions, last of them aren't getting
listed; there's no way to fix it on Winamp side). It might help to
unassociate some less important extensions with other plugins (eg. in_midi).


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