[vorbis] I hate myself for asking this, but...

Gian-Carlo Pascutto gcp at sjeng.org
Tue Sep 4 10:28:57 PDT 2001

At 14:45 4/09/2001 +0200, you wrote:

>I've heard that RC2 has some hearable artifacts, even in 192/256 kbps... 
>There have been quite a few "bugreports" since RC2 with people sending 
>samples that even I can differ from the original wavs. That makes me doubt
>it is worth doing it now. Also I don't want to wait too long. Is RC3
>near a release? 

Hard to tell...Monty has fixes for some of the most audible
issues but those fixes need fixes too :)

Latest update:

<xiphmont> Garf: dunno, honestly.  "Working hard till it's done"

So I guess that doesn't make you any wiser :)

>Is there a cvs-snapshot (I know that the current cvs is 
>unusable) that has all known bugs fixed in the high (192/256) bitrates
that I 
>can use instead?

I'm afraid not...beta4 wasn't all that bad but it's missing
a lot of the new features.

Whether rc2 is better than beta4 has been subject of a lot of

>I usually don't bitch about releases, I promote the "it's done when it's 
>done" and "contribute or shut up" attitudes more than most people, but I 
>REALLY want to start the mass-encoding as soon as possible, because it will 
>take quite a long time...  If I had the diskspace I would save them as FLAC, 
>together with a description-file and encode them later, but I "only" have 
>~150GB of diskspace, which is nowhere near enough for that...

:) Same situation here.

I've started with encoding part of the albums with Monkey's Audio 
(yeah, I know it's non-free but it's a great program nonetheless) and 
the 'less-important' parts got encoded with my own tweaked rc2 version.


(oggdrop should be obvious, for oggenc use oggenc -b 999, no
guarantees except that it sounds pretty ok to me, unofficial,
don't complain on this list if it sucks, etc...)

I've verified that it didn't goof up on anything I encoded by 
listening to all encoded albums. In your situation that's 
pretty much impossible though I guess :(

You might also want to try standard rc2 with 256kbps or higher.
Although there are a few samples it will break on, they _are_ 
exceptions and it'll do fine with most music.

If you want certainty, you'll have to do like the rest of us:



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