[vorbis] I hate myself for asking this, but...

Aleksandar Dovnikovic aldov at eunet.yu
Tue Sep 4 11:05:28 PDT 2001

Hello Per,

Tuesday, 04 September, 2001, 14:45:40, you wrote:

PW> I'm going to encode ~2000 CDs soon. All genres, but 90% of it has distorted 
PW> guitars... Everything from punkrock to metal to industrial to goth to 
PW> synthpop to classical to techno to whatever...
PW> I've heard that RC2 has some hearable artifacts, even in 192/256 kbps...
PW> There have been quite a few "bugreports" since RC2 with people sending 
PW> samples that even I can differ from the original wavs. That makes me doubt if 
PW> it is worth doing it now. Also I don't want to wait too long.

I think that RC2 will do just fine at 256kbps. The only major issue at
this bitrate is pre-echo, but you will hear pre-echo very rarely IMO
(especially if you don't have some artifact-listening experience!).
IMO, RC2 is higher quality then beta4 at 256kbps - there are no bass
tunning bugs and some subtle high-frequency bugs are also gone.
I have started using RC2 for archiving at 256kbps since RC2 fixed most
problems with some of my test clips.
Even if you do come across some artifact, it won't be something that
will "jump in your face".
The trouble with lossy compression is that you can NEVER be certain
that there will be no artifact (bitrate independent). Lossless
compression is the only way to be sure everything will be OK.

PW> Is RC3 anywhere
PW> near a release? Is there a cvs-snapshot (I know that the current cvs is 
PW> unusable) that has all known bugs fixed in the high (192/256) bitrates that I 
PW> can use instead?

No one knows when RC3 will be ready, not even Monty (the boss). Also I
think most of time for RC3 will still be spent on improving lower bitrates
because that's what most people use, so there are no guaranties RC3
will fix every known test case.

So if you are planning to use 256kbps mode then I really don't see
much point in waiting. If you want to use lower bitrates, then I would
suggest you wait for RC3...

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