[vorbis] LAME guys are making improvements, too

Aleksandar Dovnikovic aldov at eunet.yu
Sun Sep 2 11:16:50 PDT 2001

Hello Roel,

Sunday, 02 September, 2001, 03:35:17, you wrote:

RV> damn, I'm on the wrong mailinglists... :)

Actually, this is the right place to be. :-)

>> This is possible, but as I said it will require special decoders that
>> can read this tag. 
RV> at least, it'll be possible. And the tag is as backward compatible as
RV> can be.  It's just the Xing tag with some extra data fields at the
RV> end. LAME was using this anyways for it's ID string so it was a nice
RV> idea to put this all in there.

I know that, but what you are trying to do is circumventing some MP3
shortcomings and since MP3 is a finalized standard, you have to do it
in a rather obscure way, using "holes" in data fields. Not bad, but
Vorbis has practically all those things solved in its format - a more
natural and complete solution. Why trouble yourself trying to avoid all
those MP3 shortcomings, when you can use Vorbis and be done with it. ;-)

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