[vorbis] LAME guys are making improvements, too

Roel VdB vdbj at yucom.be
Sat Sep 1 18:35:17 PDT 2001


S>> it seems that at least some of the points that make OGG Vorbis
S>> superior to MP3 will be eliminated (I still prefer OGG :) 

damn, I'm on the wrong mailinglists... :)

S>> + a way to decode them exact in length, unit 1 sample
> This is possible, but as I said it will require special decoders that
> can read this tag. 

at least, it'll be possible. And the tag is as backward compatible as
can be.  It's just the Xing tag with some extra data fields at the
end. LAME was using this anyways for it's ID string so it was a nice
idea to put this all in there.

This tag is sure as hell taking it's time to get into lame, but once
in I think it'll be a fast riser. Independent of that, I'll be using
it. :)

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 Roel                          mailto:vdbj at yucom.be

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