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Erik Turner erik at turner.org
Tue Oct 23 13:41:42 PDT 2001

Here's a link that I found in the PJB mailing list for the iPod drive:

Erik Turner

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I find the pricing of this thing amazing.
The only thing I can think of small enough to cram 5GB into that thing is
the IBM Microdrive.
IBM has stated that they could instantly come out with Microdrives with much
greater than 1GB capacity, if some OEM found a market.
That being said, the largest "retail" Microdrive is currently 1GB. It goes
for $320 on Pricewatch. This iPod has five times that capacity, and sells
for only $79 more. Either the markup on the standard Microdrive is insane,
or Apple is planning some impressive economies of scale.
Looks like quite a product. I'm sure someone will get Linux support for it
working, one of these days.
Given that you can write plain files to the disk, it's too bad that they
require a firmware update to add audio format support.
It would have been cooler to slap a hidden "Plugins" directory on the drive,
and then open up the plugin specs to developers.

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