[vorbis] Scheduled Ogg streams for testing

Ciaran Anscomb ciarana at rd.bbc.co.uk
Mon Oct 22 00:38:34 PDT 2001

Sgrifennodd Jack Moffitt:
> > At present, you can't.  
> You are misusing web browsers. :)
> A web browser downloads a document and decides what to do with it.  That
> is how all web browsers I know of currently work.
> Of course, downloading the whole stream is not acceptable, so you have
> to give it a playlist file to download (which is tiny).  The playlist
> gets handed to some application, and that application can then connect
> and start the stream.
> You can't just type in the URL, unless your web browser handles these
> things natively.

Well I'm using plugger, and just added a couple of lines for ogg
streams.  Works a treat - even buffers it slightly for you...

application/x-ogg: ogg: Ogg Application
        stream: ogg123 -q -

> > We need to sort this one out soon or there'll
> > be too many programs out there that don't support whatever we eventually
> > come up with.
> We're hardly able to change the behavior of browsers no matter how soon
> we act.
> If the BBC forgot their playlist files, that's not our problem, it's
> theirs :)


"Works for me" ;)

But if playlist files are the way of the future, so be it.

What extension will "just work"?  .m3u?  I've see .pls but it seemed
to be arbitrarily complex XML cruft or similar.


Ciaran Anscomb, BBC Internet Services
"Mr Nutty said eating rice vermicelli will make your garden grow!!!" -- Pokey

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