[vorbis] Scheduled Ogg streams for testing

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Sun Oct 21 22:04:06 PDT 2001

> That's not what I'm saying.  My point is that currently there is no way of
> launching an ogg stream of any sort that does not tie people to using a
> player that also supports MP3.  there should be an ogg-independant way to
> do this so that you can use one player for ogg and another for MP3 streams.

In my opinion this is a silly request.

>From a users point of view, there is little reason to care.  Some people
want different players for both.  Those people are also perfectly
capable of doing this anyway.

Currently I'd recommend .pls files.  Adding yet another stupid
playlist format that we'd have to try to get adopted seems a bit silly
to me.

It would also prevent ogg from 'just working' in most environments.  

I'm not sure what an acceptable solution would be.  I'm not sure that
one is really possible with current browsers.

Once there is a directory, then this because an easier issue to solve
for either scenario.   But right now people should be using .pls, since
no players support it any other way, and aren't likely to anytime soon.


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