[vorbis] libvorbis won't compile on LFS.

Doug McNaught doug at wireboard.com
Sat Oct 27 16:07:36 PDT 2001

Casey Allen Shobe <cshobe at softhome.net> writes:

> This is a linux from scratch based on the 2.4.13 kernel.  I'm using a GCC 
> 2.95.3, autoconf 2.52, and automake 1.5.  Libvorbis compilation fails with a 
> Signal 11 error as shown below.  I had the same results with 2.4.12, 2.4.10, 
> and 2.4.9.  I've compiled hundreds of other packages without getting this 
> error, and I've even tried changing the memory.

Well, signal 11 in compile means either a compiler (or conceivably
libc) bug or bad hardware, and is almost always the latter.  Have you
run memtest86?  Tried reseating all your cards and cables?  Checked
your CPU fan and cooling in general?


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