[vorbis] libvorbis won't compile on LFS.

Marcel Bierling knaagdier at 3dee.nl
Sat Oct 27 16:24:20 PDT 2001

> > This is a linux from scratch based on the 2.4.13 kernel.  I'm using a GCC
> > 2.95.3, autoconf 2.52, and automake 1.5.  Libvorbis compilation fails 
> with a
> > Signal 11 error as shown below.  I had the same results with 2.4.12, 
> 2.4.10,
> > and 2.4.9.  I've compiled hundreds of other packages without getting this
> > error, and I've even tried changing the memory.
>Well, signal 11 in compile means either a compiler (or conceivably
>libc) bug or bad hardware, and is almost always the latter.  Have you
>run memtest86?  Tried reseating all your cards and cables?  Checked
>your CPU fan and cooling in general?

Not ALWAYS as you said... I think this is a problem with the optimizing, 
try removing the optimize flags in the Makefile...


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