[vorbis] Scheduled Ogg streams for testing

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Sun Oct 21 12:42:39 PDT 2001

> (partially to Jack...)
> I think a link to Peter's plugin should be placed a bit more
> prominently on vorbis.com, since that's what many users will be
> looking for anyway. Right now it's buried among lots of other programs
> in the Windows software section. Perhaps a 'Quick Links' section
> explicitly for this sort of stuff?

Um, excuse me, sir :)

It's the _first_ link under the windows downloads.  How much more
prominent than that can you get besides being on the front page.

And putting it on the front page is doable too.  If peter would send
notifications of updates to feedback at vorbis.com (hint peter) it would
get in the 'news' section all the time :)

> While on that subject, I think the software section should also show
> what Vorbis release it is based on, to try to prevent the problems
> that have been popping up of people buying software that only supports
> older Vorbis.

I asked Sonic Foundry, and they claim SIREN is RC1.  RC2 is in already
internally.  The next update for _any_ Sonic Foundry product would
update _every_ sonic foundry product that's installed.  The chances of a
SIREN specific update are slim.

So, SIREN users, please contact me if you are having trouble.  It should
work for _all_ files without problems.

That being said, the version idea might be a good one except that
maintaining that information is difficult.  Stale software would never
have anyone download it because they'd think it only supports beta1,
when in fact they ahve updated it 10 times and never told us.

Any ideas on how to come up with a reasonable compromise?


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