[vorbis] Scheduled Ogg streams for testing

Karol Pietrzak noodlez84 at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 21 08:41:15 PDT 2001

On 21 Oct 2001, Ciaran Anscomb wrote:

> Well we're testing scheduled Ogg streaming, but it would be nice to
> test with an audience bigger then me and a few irc users, so I thought
> I'd drop a note to the list.
> http://support.bbc.co.uk/oggstreams.shtml
> This will contain any scheduled tests to come and anything currently
> being streamed.  For scheduled stuff, only things we're given
> permission to do by producers can go on there, so don't get too excited
> just yet.  I'll make sure to update the page tho if/when there are any
> more.

This is mad cool.  BBC is currently the only major news 
organization that offers Vorbis streams (correct me if I'm 
wrong).  BBC.co.uk was, up until now, behind.. technologically 
speaking.  BBC.co.uk offers only RealPlayer G2 (!) streams, but 
now something a little more up to date is offered.

BTW, will RC3 have more support for sample rates lower than 
44.1kHz?  22.1kHz is eminently more useful than 44.1kHz for 
streaming to use low-end 56K users..

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