[vorbis] A Pleasant Surprise

Kurt Mosiejczuk kurt at csh.rit.edu
Thu Oct 11 08:03:10 PDT 2001

Since RC2 was released, I've started re-building the music library I
left behind at my previous job (all my stuff from CDs, ripped into
MP3s).  Recently I started an aggressive campaign of converting my
CDs to vorbis files... I'm doing about 6 or 7 CDs a day at work =)

Yesterday I was listening to my Talk Talk album, and noticed that
on this one live track, the stereo seemed to have suffered badly.
I almost felt dizzy, because the music was rapidly shifting in and
out of the right channel.  So, I decided I'd do the homework and
try and report the problem.  I re-ripped the track, and used
CoolEdit to isolate the first 90 seconds that had the problem...

I started systematically increasing the bit-rate on OggDrop and was
still getting the problem.  At 256k, I thought of something.

Before I started it all, I checked quickly the original .WAV, but
I didn't listen into where it was worst in the .ogg file.  I went
back, and the "artifacting" I thought I detected was on the
original CD.  =)

So, I figured I'd relay my amusement/chagrin, and give you guys a
big kudos for the work you've done.  Your 128kbps vorbis files sound
as good as the 256kbps MP3s I used to listen to.


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