[vorbis] Bass response with Ogg Vorbis

Big Al music at performantsystems.com
Fri Oct 5 00:07:00 PDT 2001

I'm a bass player, I admit it. I came across a number of people
talking about bass response with Ogg Vorbis and it piqued my interest,
I live for this stuff.

I am using the Ogg files to distribute songs as converted right from
the 32 bit masters. This is a much different thing than ripping a 16
bit CD audio file that has been mushed and compressed much before it
winds up as an Ogg file. When converting from a 71 Meg wave file to a
3 Meg Ogg file, there is a very slight drop in the real low end. Most
people would not notice this or would not have equipment capable of 
noticing this.

As a music producer who is also a bass player, I am real happy with 
the low end fidelity I get with Ogg files. I have been using Sound 
Forge 5.0d as a conversion tool, it includes libvorbis of 2-25-2001 
(beta 3).

So check out what I am talking about. I have just remixed a bass
feature that is a song called "Where Have You Been", it's song number
11 in the Songs section of http://www.modernamericanmusic.com  I would
encourage anyone interested to stream the MP3 file or download the Ogg
file from there.

If anybody really wants a copy of the 32 bit, 71 meg Wave file master,
contact me directly.

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