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I guess this is not the most exact place for this discussion; so I'll give
just one more reply in this thread.

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Moritz Grimm wrote:
> > The thing seams to be that journalist seams to think they are all
> > powerfull. Once their article is out, the word is out and there is very
> > little you can do about it. You have your name in writing in the newspaper
> > while their name is hidden after fater some small two-letter abbrivation
> > on the bottom of the article.
> > And what can you do about it? Compain in another newspaper how unjust you
> > where threathed? I doubt they will publish your story.
> > Sue them? I doubt it.
> Dunno about the US, but in Germany everyone who appeared in the media
> has the right to give a counterstatement, and the newspaper/radio
> station/tv station are required to publish it uncensored. The reader may
> then decide for himself what to think of all this.
I know this also exists in Belgium (where I live) but your 'right to
reply' usually ends up in very small print at page <close-to-100> and
nobody really reads it.
And THAT is exactly one of the 'powers' of journalist: you have the right
to reply but their article will always be more prominent then whatever you

> ... Depending on how this
> is handled in the US and how Monty feels about it, he could make such a
> counterstatement. I think this is way better than flamewars on /. or
OK. Slashdot was a stupid idea.

Perhaps a better idea would be to write your article, post it on a webpage
and 'hint' all major internet-searchengines to your webpage; so ... when
somebody does a query on the name of the journalist he/she'll end up at
your article.

> stupid "let's sue 'em all!" attitudes.
I agree on that!

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.

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