[vorbis] New beta bug reports/bug report

Jeremy Lakatos spaemtrap at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 22 14:03:21 PDT 2000

Hi.  Joined the list since this seems to be the only
point of communication.  Just have two

1) I looked all around the developer's site and
vorbis.com and don't see any mention of where to send
bug reports for 1.0 beta.  I'd think it would be a

2) My bug for the new beta.  (I'm hoping someone of
the PTB is reading ... I definitely don't belong on
the developers' list.)  I tried this with a couple
wavs and the Windows oggenc binary from
www.vorbis.com.  I'm running NT 4 SP6.

On both Ogg Vorbis files, playback on WinAmp ends with
a loud pop, at all quality settings I checked.  When
encoded with the old beta binary (ogglame), there is
no such pop, so I think it's a new introduction.  It
doesn't matter which version of the WinAmp plugin I

(Other than the pop, it's great.  Chick Corea sounds
crystal at 5 and 6 quality. And now, I go into
lurkitude, since I don't think I can offer any more,
unless you want one of my songs encoded with the old

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